Our Services

──IP Protection and Promotion

  • Assist in marketing analysis of NHRI R&D outcomes and evaluation of the commercialized value.
  • Undertake trademark and patent applications and management.
  • Assist in licensing and technology transfer of intellectual property.
  • Intellectual property right related consultation.
  • Commercialization consultation.

── R&D collaboration and Outcome Promotion

  • Assist in promoting NHRI’s R&D outcomes.
  • Set up a industry-academia collaboration information platform.
  • Assist benchmark enterprises in setting up a collaborative R&D center at NHRI.
  • Conduct government funded industry-academia collaboration plans.

──Start-up Incubation; Pragmatic Guidance

  • Provide utilities of experimental and administrative spaces, facilities, exhibition spaces, library services, and other resources.
  • Provide technical support, collaboration channels, venture capital resources, business consultation under a “platform-based” program.
  • Provide informational support of networks, government policies, and industrial information.
  • Interconnect various governmental start-up incubation resources and services.

──Regulations, contract review and administrative services

  • Regulatory revision, contract review
  • Legal issues related to intellectual property
  • Fund application and write-off
  • File transfer and management

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