The National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) Technology Transfer & Incubation Center (TTIC) provides intramural intellectual property management services and facilitates extramural collaboration with academic, research institution  and industries. The TTIC also provides resources and spaces for innovative industrial developments. By bridging the academia, research institution and industries, the TTIC offers assistance in implementing NHRI’s mission on “strengthening pharmaceutical health research and promoting health and welfare for all”.

  The TTIC’s  main tasks at present comprise three aspects:

  1. Commence intellectual property management of NHRI research outcomes and promote commercialization.
  2. Promote industry-academia-research collaboration and facilitate the effective use of research resource.
  3. Assist in incubating the technology and intellectual property management capacity of start-up companies.

  TTIC’s services include:Patent and trademark application and management, intellectual property protection deployment, contract and legal consultation, industry-academia collaboration and technology transfer case management, and start-up company incubation.

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